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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Should I Choose Swimming As A Sport ?
    Swimming is a great workout because your whole body is used to move against the resistance of the water. Swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness thus maintaining a healthy weight and heart as well as lung function. It is a fantastic low-impact activity that you can continue for a lifetime. Once you are a strong swimmer it opens doors to partake in many water oriented sports such as Triathlons, Biathlons, Underwater Hockey, Water polo, Scuba diving, Rowing , Life saving etc. Swimming is a recommended activity for many children and adults with Asthma.
  • Why Choose AquaZone?
    Aquazone offers a professional service from babies aged six months to adults under one roof. We take time and effort to ensure each swimmer reaches their personal goals. Our facilities are well maintained and safe. Aquazone instructors have the necessary qualifications and passionate about their jobs. Our instructors come from a sporting background and still regularly partake in sporting activities thus leading by example. We welcome interested parents and children to visit our facility and other swim facilities to help make an informed decision before enrolling. Please note that visits to Aquazone are by appointment only as we operate from private property and safety is our priority.
  • I Would Like My Child To Swim Competitively. Am I At The Right Place?
    Yes, you are. It is very important that the basics of any sport is taught correctly. At Aquazone we specialize in teaching the correct techniques from a very young age. Safe swimming is our main concern. As soon as your child/children can swim unassisted with confidence the correct style and technique is introduced. Our swimmers enrolled in the Aqua Kids, Aqua Strokes, Aqua Squads and Aqua Adults programs are taught to swim freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly correctly. We also teach our swimmers the correct FINA rules,dives and turns. Once the strokes have been mastered , we focus on speed and fitness. At Aquazone children and adults are encouraged to participate in events such as : school galas, development galas, triathlon and biathlon events, however Aquazone is a swim academy and not a swimming club. If swimmers wish to attain provincial or national colours they have to train daily and focus on swimming as a priority sport. When swimmers are ready and choose to take this route they are encouraged to move on to club swimming. In Potchefstroom there are two very strong clubs to choose from.
  • How Long Will It Take For My Child To Learn How To Swim?
    This is a favourite questions among parents and also the most difficult to answer. Every child is different, with their own personality; fears; love for and opinion of swimming. We won't be able to tell you how long it will take to teach your child how to swim, we will however give you regular feedback on their progress as we go along!
  • Can I Observe My Child Swimming?
    We have designated areas where you can sit and observe your child swimming through large windows overlooking the pool. Parents are not permitted to sit on the pool deck, as this is highly distracting to both your child and the instructor.
  • Do You Offer Catch Up Lessons?
    Unfortunately makeup lessons are not offered at Aquazone as classes are fully booked. Once you have been booked at Aquazone Swim Academy, you are liable for the payment of fees in full regardless of classes missed.
  • How Should I Pay?
    We require you to pay by Internet transfer (EFT). We do not allow cash on the premises as safety is our main concern. Fees have to be paid in advance before 7th of each month. We do not offer a family discount. Please click here for more information on Fees.
  • What Time Should We Get There?
    Please try to arrive 5-10 minutes before your class. This allows your child to settle before the class starts.
  • What Should Swimming Gear Should I Bring With?
    All children must wear a swimming cap for hygienic and safety purposes. Please wear a swimming costume that is properly fitted to your child. This is especially applicable to Aqua Strokes and Aqua Squads training as loose swimwear causes dragging in the water and can hinder progress.
  • What Temperature Are The Pools?
    Our Main 25m Pool is kept between 28-30 degrees all year round. Our Baby Pool is kept between 31-34 degrees all year round.
  • How Essential Is It To Swim Through The Winter?
    It is ABSOLUTELY essential that swimmers continue swimming throughout the winter months. For optimal progress, swimmers fall significantly behind when stopping for winter months, as opposed to swimmers who swim throughout the year.
  • My Toddler Isn’t Potty Trained, What Must They Wear?"
    We prefer all children to wear snug fitting cozzies and/or waterproof nappies to ensure no accidents in the water and for your child to be as comfortable as possible.
  • What Should I Do If My child Is Afraid And Crying?
    This is a very common concern. If your child feels scared and is crying, please do not stop their lessons. All of our teachers are highly qualified and experienced, and are trained to deal with children that are scared of the water. Steps that you can take to try to help: - Please arrive 10 minutes early for your lesson so that your child can settle before the class starts. - Be POSITIVE! Tell your child that he/she is going for swimming lessons and that everything will be okay and it is a safe environment. - Please hand your child over to the teacher, and then sit outside to observe. If your child can’t immediately see/run to you, then they are less inclined to just “hop out”.
  • My Child Was Progressing So Well, But Now It Seems To Stagnate ?"
    Please do not be alarmed as this is fairly common human nature. There will be peaks and plateaus in your child's swimming progress.
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